November 2020

As we have all been experiencing the wrath of COVID -19, WCTE too has had its fair share of Market Exposure issues when it comes to NeuroStilbene, our first product. WCTE was 6 months old when COVID -19 came to US soil in January of this year, and for the last 10 months we have all had to make personal, family, and work adjustments. The collapse of the US economy has impacted many small businesses, including WCTE.

NeuroStilbene’s primary market consumers are individuals involved in sports/athletics and older age adults suffering from Alzheimer’s; with a deadly virus just ripping through communities and the economy, we are just grateful to still be up and running.

We have been slowly preparing for a turn from this virus, not back to normal, but to a society where businesses can re-open its doors and start functioning consistently again. Winter is approaching and we are expecting to see record number of infections. With all this to consider, we thank you for your continuous dedication to WCTE and our product.


As we continue to anticipate brighter days, we are expanding in all areas of business growth. WCTE added another product called QuadraMune to its product line.

Additionally in the area of team building and finances, we are in the process of adding an international funding group and an International Scientist with outstanding merits to our team. We are also adding new experts from the Biotech industry to bolster our team. Finally, as we turn to market and growth, WCTE is entering into a Partnership agreement with Action Fun Extreme Enterprise Sport – “AFX”.  This Partnership will allow WCTE to market its products and expand its consumer base on a global scale. We are already looking towards a joint venture with Spring Football Camps in 2021 where our products are expected to be placed in front of 8,000 to 10,000 players with plans to grow the market each year.

However, the biggest announcement as we come to the end of 2020 is the filing of our non-provisional patent application here in the US for WCTE Regenerative Endothelial Progenitor Cells Derived from Placental Sources Utility on October 5th, 2020.  WCTE Stem Cells for the treatment of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Utility is going to be another game changer in the mission to help those who suffer.

As we wait with other Americans for the days of a stable economy and the development of normalized day to day life, we are ready.  We are prepared to enter discussions about the move from private to a public vehicle and our increased value and patents are paving that road.

Our thoughts are with you.

WCTE Management

For future updates during these tough days of COVID -19, we will keep posting new information on our website